Open Range Breakout Trading Expert Advisor MT4/MT5


Revolutionize your breakout trading with the Open Range Breakout EA!

Are you a trader or a financial enthusiast looking for a powerful tool to optimize your trading strategies? The Open Range Breakout EA could be the solution you've been looking for. With an impressive list of settings and features, this Expert Advisor is the secret weapon to get started in indices, stocks, commodities, and forex based on CFDs. Read on to learn how this breakout trading EA can take your trading to a new level.
EA Settings: Trailing ON - Takeprofit OFF - CloseTime 22:50 Uhr

Open Range Breakout EA for MT4 or MT5.

Suitable for all indices, stocks, bonds, commodities & forex based on CFD.

Don't miss the opportunity to revolutionize your everyday trading! Get the Open Range Breakout EA now and start trading like a pro. With updates, support, and an impressive list of features, you'll never want to trade without it again. Get it today and get ready for more success in the markets!

Get ready for more success in the markets!

With Open Range Breakout EA you have full control over your trades. Whether you trade indices, stocks, commodities or forex, this algorithmic breakout trading robot is suitable for everything. You can even reduce your position by partial selling to maximize your profits.

⇒ Worried about losses? ⇐

Not anymore! This day trading Expert Advisor allows you to set a fixed loss limit in the MT4 version. Additionally, you can customize individual stoploss points and use trailing stops to protect your positions.

⇒ Time precision ⇐

Timing is crucial in trading. With the timing open range settings of the Breakout Trading EA, you can make sure you are in the right place at the right time. You can also set close times before the market closes to minimize your risk.

⇒ Profit with system ⇐

Maximize your profits with an adjustable maximum range size and a variable profit box with CRV settings. The EA also allows automatic or fast manual break-even and order close.

⇒ Superior control ⇐

With Spread Control and Range Control, you maintain full control over your trades while analyzing the market based on moving averages to identify the trend.

⇒ Perfect Breakout Trading⇐

The trading robot offers not only an unbeatable arsenal of settings, but also many practical features, including a statistics display in the EA, weekday filter and chart color adjustment of the displayed trading range boxes.